Herbal Remedies for Treating Dry Skin in Seniors

Herbal Remedies for Treating Dry Skin in Seniors

Frequent hot baths and showers can reduce the natural release of fat from the skin. Add moisturizing oils to your shower gel, such as jojoba and wheat germ oil, to keep your skin well-hydrated and smooth.

Althea and comfrey roots can also help your skin look younger.

Herbal Remedies for dry skin: You can find natural products in your own garden or in the nearest supermarket to help you get rid of the discomfort caused by dry skin.


This plant is highly valued for its healing and moisturizing properties, it softens the tightened skin. It can be used as a lotion or purchased at a pharmacy in the form of a concentrated gel designed to combat serious skin problems, such as eczema, for example. Aloe is also a great outdoor first aid.


An excellent moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin, the Altea is rich in adhesives and polysaccharides that soften the epidermis and make the skin soft and smooth.

Althaea can be used in various ways to care for dry skin. Prepare the infusion using its delicate pink flowers to soothe the inflamed skin, try making a cleanser from the tincture of chopped althea root or mix the crushed altea with beeswax and use as a softening ointment. Althaea can also be mixed with glycerin and applied to coarse skin. Althaea is safe enough to even treat burns and abscesses.


This modest garden plant is rich in vegetable protein carbohydrate, which is widely used in emollients for washing. On the basis of comfrey leaves, oil and cream are made for treating cracked, diseased skin. It cleanses the skin of dead cells and stimulates the growth of new ones. Allantoin contained in the comfrey can promote regeneration and also soften the skin.


This plant has many uses, it helps balance sebum production, and is also an excellent skin tonic. Lavender water can be prepared as follows: put a handful of flowers in a jar, pour boiling water and let it stand for a few days, then strain the water and pour it into bottles in which it will be stored. Use as a tonic after washing. Lavender extracts have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Rose Hip Seeds

Rosehip – a valuable medicinal plant, is used to maintain the beauty and moisturize dry skin. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and therefore moisturizes rough skin and promotes the growth of new tissues. The oil, which is made from the fruits of wild roses – rosehip, has amazing rejuvenating properties.

It is very useful as a means of massage after sunbathing, and to return moisture to sun-dried skin. It is also used on coarse areas such as knees and elbows.


This plant is useful for dry as well as inflamed skin; cold-pressed oil obtained from bright orange petals is effective for softening the skin of hands.

Use Calendula as a cream or lotion for dry skin of elbows, knees, areas affected by sunburn or other similar conditions. Calendula oil can also be combined with other essential oils, such as pink or lavender.

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